22st Annual Juneteenth Celebration

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Senate Passes Bill Establishing Juneteenth As A National Holiday

The legislation passed unanimously on Tuesday after Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) dropped his objection.

Riverside Juneteenth Celebration Foundation, Inc.

California Celebrates

The State of California legislatve proclamation recognizes the third Saturday in June as Juneteenth.

The City of Riverside has issued a Proclamation for the last 13 years recognizing the first Saturday in June as Juneteenth Day in Riverside. The Riverside Juneteenth Committee holds our event as a kickoff for the entire month, in the state.

In the spirit of cooperation the Riverside Juneteenth Committee invites you to post your event on this website. Visitors to this site will see your Juneteenth event.

Please sign the National Juneteenth Petition to aid in our quest to have this date made a national holiday.

For other Juneteenth Celebrations see our calendar or go to www.Juneteenth.com