22st Annual Juneteenth Celebration

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Senate Passes Bill Establishing Juneteenth As A National Holiday

The legislation passed unanimously on Tuesday after Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) dropped his objection.

Riverside Juneteenth Celebration Foundation, Inc.

Health Information

The Riverside Juneteenth Committee recognizes that a healthy community is well informed and aware community. Each year we invite public and private service organizations to display at the event.

In our thirteen years we have hosted the Riverside Department of Health, Food and Nutrition, American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Epilepsy Foundation, Health and Human Services Department, One Legacy (organ donations), Phone Access (for the hearing impaired), Riverside Office on Aging, Diabetes Foundation, Riverside Community Health Foundation, Mental Health Authority and many others.

These agencies provide information and health screenings. such as blood pressure monitoring, diabetes testing, cholesterol screenings and body fat density to our attendees.

We look forward to your joining us in our effort to keep the Inland Empire healthy and well informed.

(If you have any suggestions as to other health and community services agencies you would like to see, please add them to our Contact Us link).