22st Annual Juneteenth Celebration

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Senate Passes Bill Establishing Juneteenth As A National Holiday

The legislation passed unanimously on Tuesday after Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) dropped his objection.

Riverside Juneteenth Celebration Foundation, Inc.


The Riverside Juneteenth Committee invite performers from all genres of entertainment:

Musicians (Soloist and Bands), Dancers (Solos and Teams), Singers (Gospel [Churchs or Individuals], Jazz, Blues, Rock), Poets (Spoken Word, Dramatic Readings), Drum and Drill Teams, etc. Soloist or groups are requested to apply. Stage and equipment are provided by the City of Riverside.

The Riverside Juneteenth Celebration is a family orientated program.

The committee does not invite entertainers / entertainment that can be considered inappropriate, lude and or offensive.

Please see Event Application / Performer